About us

We supply high quality sawn timber such as Chengal
and Balau/Selangan Batu


Our experienced team members are well known for handling in all kind of solid timber wood and processing of solid timber wood to produce the high end finished products. We also manage all the packing of sawn timber in the factory warehouse before delivery..

We are committed to provide the best quality sawn timber and wood products for all our customer in Malaysia and global market.

Our goal is to provide high standard design and product to our value clients.

Our vision and mission is to lead the Malaysian timber industry, providing premium and quality wood products.

Seng Hin Sawmill products has an established, reliable and trustworthy network of very well-known hardwood suppliers committed to delivering consistent quality & supply of sawn timber products.


Chengal is considered the number one hard wood of Malaysia

Vessels are with simple perforations and medium-sized, mostly solitary but with a few arranged radially in radial pairs and multiples of 2 to 4, evenly distributed without any clear arrangement and filled with tyloses.


Native to Malaysia balau is a dense hardwood used mainly for heavy construction.

Balau features heartwood that is of a yellow to brown colour and has a paler sapwood, which can be up to 50 mm wide. Its moderately fine and even texture presents an interlocked grain, which produces a stripe figure on the radial surface. Resin pockets may also be present. Balau is susceptible to pinhole borer damage.